AB190. Emergency urology admissions—admit to purgatory and hope
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AB190. Emergency urology admissions—admit to purgatory and hope

David Flynn1,2, Mohamed Hamed1,2, Jennifer Mannion1,2

1Department of Surgery, 2EU INTERREG Emergency Surgery Outcomes Advancement Project (eSOAP), Letterkenny University Hospital, Letterkenny, Donegal, Ireland

Background: Emergency surgery admissions account for over 11% of admissions globally. Emergency admissions are associated with increased morbidity, mortality and pose the greatest challenge to our hospital service. Urology is the fourth busiest surgical discipline in Ireland. Urology admissions account for a significant portion of Emergency admissions but their fate in model three hospitals is not clear. This study undertook an evaluation of the process, volume, outcome and length of stay of Emergency patients admitted to Letterkenny University Hospital.

Methods: A retrospective ethically approved audit was undertaken of patients admitted between January 1st 2019 and September 31st 2019 to Letterkenny University Hospital, data was obtained from the Hospital In-Patient Enquiry (HIPE) coding system.

Results: 288 patients were admitted to Letterkenny University Hospital mean age 45 (SD ±12 years). This accounted for 15% of the total of Emergency surgical admissions (N=1,910). The median length of stay was 3 days (range, 1–18 days). The mean length of stay was 2.7 days (SD ±2.9 days). 12.2% (35/288) were transferred to Galway University Hospital. Four of 288 were accepted by the Urology service at Letterkenny University Hospital. Eleven percent (32/288) referred to OPD appointments at Letterkenny University Hospital. Patients were admitted to the following wards accordingly surgical 2 ward 92%, orthopaedics 4% and paediatrics 4%.

Conclusions: In conclusion, urology, emergency admissions account for 12.2% of emergency surgery admissions to the hospital. And are held in a holding pattern without access to care. Newly revised protocols are urgently required to treat these patients.

Keywords: Emergency surgery; diagnosis; follow up; urology

doi: 10.21037/map.2020.AB190
Cite this abstract as: Flynn D, Hamed M, Mannion J. Emergency urology admissions—admit to purgatory and hope. Mesentery Peritoneum 2020;4:AB190.

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